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and I will make you 

Fishers of Men

matthew 4:19

Service Times

Sunday Mornings

Sunday School  9:15 am
Worship  10:30 am

Sunday Evenings

AWANA  5:30 pm
Worship & Students  6:00 pm

Wednesday Evenings

Adult & Students Bible Study  6:30 pm
Kidz Activities  6:30 pm

Our goal is to CONNECT you to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and then CONNECT you to His family, the Church

Connect with Christ and His Family
Grow in Christ's Character

Once you are connected to 
Christ and His church, 
we want to help you
GROW in His character.

As we grow in Christ's character,
we learn what it means to SERVE in Christ's church so that others might see Christ in us.

Serve in Christ's Church
Share Christ's Message

When we have connected to Christ and His family, are growing in His character, and beginning to serve in His church, it gives us the opportunity to SHARE Christ's message with others.

Recent Sermons

Pastor Jeff is preaching through a sermon series entitled "Pastoral Priorities". We would love for you to join us in person but if you can't, please enjoy our services through our Livestream. We livestream Sunday Morning, Sunday Night, and Wednesday Night.
If you have missed a sermon, you can access past sermons by clicking the button below.

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Mom's Morning Out
Every Tuesday
8:30am - 11:30 am
Ages 6 months to 4 yrs old
Register by clicking the picture!!
All proceeds to go to the Red Bank Baptist Global Missions Impact Offering.